Experienced Commercial Photography
Thom Ashton Photography provides the experience and professional level equipment to deliver high quality photographs and video. We have over thirty years of commercial photography experience. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Aerial Photography [Website]
    Thom Ashton Photography through our Carolina Drone Images division provides aerial Photographs and Videos to construction companies and their customers showing work progress from start to finish. We also deliver aerial images to commercial real estate and insurance companies. Our crew is on hand to assist federal, state and local emergency managers, utility companies and others in accessing damage and providing real time needs assessment for First Responders.
  • Architectural Photography / Commercial and Residential Real Estate [Gallery]
    We provide architectural images to companies and individuals for a number of applications, chief among these are Commercial Real Estate Investment firms and individuals looking to maximize their Return-on-Investment in their homes.
  • Business Portraits [Gallery]
    Whether for Annual Reports, Press Releases or Websites – environmental portraits, pictures of management and staff at work on the job, are more effective than typical head and shoulder photographs. Thom Ashton Photography has spent many years perfecting this genre.
  • Product Photography [Gallery]
    For over thirty years Thom Ashton Photography has worked with manufacturing companies providing images of their products for use in catalogs, advertisements and websites.
  • Nature and Fine Art Photography [Gallery]
    Photography is not only our business, it is our passion. We enjoy nature and fine-art photography and many of our clients have commissioned our images for their work places and online presence.